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At Millor Fumigation Services, we want all of our customers to feel confident in our staff and the services they provide.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the Millor Fumigation Services team! Take a look at our staff to see what makes our pest control company different than all the rest.

Our Mission

Millor Fumigation Services is people-focused in all we do and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of service and professionalism. We will foster the growth of our team and our business. We will be a modern, innovative industry leader with the personal touch of a local, family-owned company.

Over the years, we’ve boiled down our mission to a core set of values:

Aim For Delight

We say yes to customers and each other. We love to serve.

Be Professional

Be an elite professional that customers and employees want to work with. Take pride in how you appear and act. Be on time, attentive and enthusiastic.

Fight For Simplicity

Keep it simple and consistent. Focus on how things should be done every time.

Own It

Own the entire process through the outcome. Your customers and teammates rely on you to follow through on all the details.

Show Grit

Overcome obstacles and persevere with passion.


Growth is our purpose. Growing as people & growing our business.

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