Pharaoh's Ant Pest Control

The nests of Pharaoh’s Ants can often be found in small crevices located deep within the foundations or wall cavities of buildings, making it difficult to get to. Pharaoh’s Ants are known to feed on almost anything, but are particularly attracted to sweet foodstuffs.

Pharaoh’s Ants

While there are no diseases specifically associated with Pharaoh’s Ants, owing to their small size they are able to penetrate all but the most secure packaging making them a problematic pest. This often leads to contamination of foodstuffs with pathogens, creating a particularly significant risk in public buildings such as schools or hospitals.

Prevention of Pharaoh’s Ants can be achieved through diligent food hygiene, but once their nest is built they can be extremely difficult to eradicate and should therefore be done by a qualified pest control professional. Pest control can be achieved by using juvenile growth hormone analogues – chemicals that mimic the action of the juvenile growth hormone, preventing the larvae from developing, and sterilising the queens and winged males.