Pest Control for Housing Associations


Millor Fumigation Services is an industry-leading service provider for housing associations. Our services include pest control of  insects, rodents, mosquitos, termites and cockroaches

We have a vast  experience of providing pest control services on behalf of housing associations in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe.

Millor Fumigation Services already manages pest control contracts for more than one large Housing Association. In Zimbabwe, the rules and regulations regarding pest management will differ from one property to the next. This will also be influenced by the relevant local laws, local council housing regulations and previous experiences of the property managers, among other factors. However, the importance of maintaining pest free environments in Housing Association properties is highlighted by the LARES survey, carried out by the World Health Organization out a in 2002; this looked at the relationship between health and housing.

One key finding of the survey is that there is a clear association between pest infested premises and allergies including asthma. It also provided clear evidence that people are more likely to suffer from migraines, headaches and depression if they live in pest infested homes.