Leisure Centres & Football Clubs


The hospitality and leisure sectors are a growth sector in Zimbabwe economy, as consumers continue to have both more leisure time and disposable income. With this growth, has also come an increase in pest infestations. 

For example, there are many more out of town shopping complexes than even twenty years ago and these retail complexes are a haven for urban pests. This is because they consist of many single retail units, which each have lots of hiding places for pests, yet they are connected by convenient super-highways of water, waste, heating, electricity, data, smoke detection and security alarm services. On top of this, the storage areas and cage stores tend to be communal stock areas, a haven for many types of pests, from rodents to insects, birds, flies and other vermin.

In addition, shopping complexes are well heated and include an assortment of food outlets, and possibly sports and leisure facilities all on the same site. Finally, there is a continual coming and going of people and vehicles from far and wide, meaning pests can be both imported and exported!

At Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd we have a wide range of experienced staff who can assist you. We can implement a pest control management system in all types of the hospitality and leisure businesses, from shopping centres to leisure complexes, sports facilities and clubs.