Grain Weevil Pest Control

Grain Weevils can be found in grain stores throughout Zimbabwe, and are often carried via sacks for importation of grain and cereal products. Grain Weevils are significant pests for farms, as they are able to infest otherwise undamaged grain and attack other hard cereal products like macaroni or spaghetti. This can reduce the weight and quality of the grain, making it unpalatable and lead to the spread of bacteria and other insects.

Grain Weevil

For Grain Weevil pest control, stores should be built soundly, with good insulation and ventilation. Grains should be stacked neatly above floor level, away from walls and should not touch the ceiling, allowing plenty of space for cleaning and inspection. Insecticides can be applied to fabrics inside the stores, or a variety of grain protectants can be used.

Grain Weevil

Grain Weevils are technically known as stored product insects, often found damaging and contaminating raw materials used in food at home or businesses. Some common foods infested by it are grains, cereals, dried fruits and seeds.

These pests are health hazard to both homes and businesses like food processing plants, restaurants and stores. They can cause enormous economic losses through their damage and contamination of food products.

Identifying and removing the source of the infestation is a critical part of effectively controlling these pests. In particular, businesses like food processing or food storage can greatly benefit from an ongoing professional integrated pest management programme for effective and long term protection against Grain Weevil

Solution for Stored Product Insects


Using a professional stored product insect (SPI) control service is the most effective way to control SPI which includes grain beetles infestation from your property.

We offer an expert Inspection of your premises.

Our professionally trained technicians can provide effective and targeted SPI control solutions tailored to your requirements.

Treatments include the control of any potential breeding sites and we will advise on actions to take.