Specialist disinfection services for your premises

Milor  delivers a fast response, discrete and legally compliant range of disinfection services to help protect your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.

Our professional and highly qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively.

With a vast specialist disinfection technicians across the country .we provide consistent services to support multinational businesses maintain high levels of hygiene across their entire estate.


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Commercial pest control

Millor Fumigation Services  provides comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single site and multi-site businesses across the country From manufacturing facilities to restaurants to warehouses and office buildings, Millor Fumigation Services  has the experience and knowledge to protect your facility and your customers from pests. We are national pest experts who know how to handle pest problems across various sectors.

Even a small pest problem can have large consequences on your brand reputation and bottom line. Every industry has unique pest challenges, which is why we work with you to create a tailored, expert solution that prevents pest problems from occurring.


Pest control services

Pests contaminate products, cause structural damage, and are serious public health concerns for homes and businesses. Millor Fumigation Services  experts have spent years developing detailed protocols to address pest issues in a wide variety of environments. The foundation of our pest prevention program has proven successful for our clients for more than 5 years. 

No matter your pest issue, Millor Fumigation Services  has a solution.


Bed bug problems?

For businesses, bed bugs can cripple an establishment's reputation and result in a downturn in revenue. Find out more about bed bugs here.




Termite control

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion a year in property damage. They don’t discriminate, either, and can damage businesses and homes alike. These silent destroyers can be present for years without revealing themselves, quietly eating away at a structure.