Factory and Warehouse Pest Control Management

Millor Fumigation Services will provide your factory and warehouse storage units with tailored, effective and discreet pest control solutions. We help safeguard each businesses reputation with staff, clients and visitors. Our company has an enviable reputation based on their knowledge and  experience in this sector.

We appreciate that industrial and warehouse pest control is an integral part of any applicable business routine maintenance procedure. It is a key requirement in order to pass business audits for licensing and accreditation.

Pests can be a big problem for Factories and Warehouses

Factories, warehouses and depots are potentially a huge source of pest activity. Unfortunately, the production and storage of a variety of goods together, especially foodstuffs from multiple sources can frequently lead to some form of pest infestation and contamination. This is often irreversible and therefore very costly. The result of cross-contamination by pests in these locations can be the transportation of insects or rodents to multiple end users, such as factories, shops or members of the public. Shield can oversee the essential task of inspecting, proactively monitoring and ultimately controlling any pest problems in production areas, warehouses and depots.

Several categories of pests may be found in warehouses and industrial units, but the common types of warehouse pest control services can be grouped into three: birds, insects and rodents.