Flea Pest Control

Cat fleas are the most common species of flea that cause domestic problems in Zimbabwe, accounting for around 70% of all household flea problems. They are parasites that live on warm-blooded animals, but are not necessarily exclusive to cats as they will feed from other types of animals so it would not be uncommon for a dog to be bitten by a cat flea, for example. As well as being carried on the cat itself, cat bedding can support a population of thousands of fleas, as they thrive in dark humid conditions.

Flea bites can cause irritation to people who suffer from allergies, but will not affect everyone, so some families will notice that some individuals are bitten whilst others do not seem to notice.

For flea pest control, the first priority is to see to your pets. Your home should then be treated by a qualified pest control professional using a flea control treatment that is often referred to as flea fumigation. The insecticide is sprayed on surfaces, then as the water evaporates it leaves a fine film of insecticide around the house, which has an immediate effect on the fleas.

A flea infestation can be extremely unpleasant for pets and family members, so we strongly recommend having the pest control treatment conducted by a trained professional.

Flea Control for Businesses

If they’re not treated swiftly, flea problems can quickly affect your business reputation and revenue. Not only will staff find working in your premises intolerable, but customers might also stay away. So you’ll want to deal with the situation quickly, safely and effectively. Call MILLOR and we’ll arrange an appointment to sort out your flea problem discreetly with a little disruption to your business as possible.

How to Identify Flea Bites

Given their small size, flea bites can often appear as tiny red spots on your skin. As with other insect bites, it is often difficult to identify fleas just by looking at your bites. You should consider other factors, which may help to identify your insect problem.

You should consult a pharmacist for advice and treatment if you develop an itchy rash or eczema. These are common symptoms of an allergic reaction to flea bites. It is recommended to refrain from scratching the area as this can develop into a bacterial infection in the area of the bite. We also advise you to consult your vet if your pet has any signs of irritation such as reddening of the skin or there are any thin patches in your pet’s coat.

Call us if you are worried about fleas in your home or business. Using professional products, our expert technicians can help to quickly get rid of fleas, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Flea Prevention Tips

Below are some handy top tips, to help you try and prevent flea problems developing in your property.

Vacuum regularly.

Wash pet bedding weekly, ideally at above 50°C.

Other wildlife such as foxes, rabbits, rodents and deer also carry fleas - when your pets are outside they can easily pick up these fleas and bring them back, so check them regularly using flea combs.

Larvae feed on organic matter in carpets, bedding & furnishings. You need to try and remove any potential food supply to prevent fleas.

When moving into a new home inspect carpets and flooring carefully for signs of eggs or ‘flea dirt’. If the previous owners had pets the flea larvae might be waiting for you.

MILLOR’s Flea Solutions

By calling in Millor'S to deal with your flea problem swiftly, you will have the peace of mind that any infestation will be dealt with thoroughly, safely and effectively. After all, the last thing you want is for the problem to resurface in the near future, negatively impacting your business reputation and staff morale.

Highly effective sprays or chemical-free heat treatments to target your specific situation and effectively eliminate your flea infestation.

Millor Flea Riddance and Monitoring Soultion using a combination of targeted spray treatments and innovative flea trap monitoring units.

Discrete, tailored solutions and advice, so your flea problem is resolved without disrupting your business.

Qualified technicians understand all the problems when it comes to dealing with different types of fleas.

For fast, effective, tailored treatments call our experts to arrange an appointment.