Commercial Offices Pest Control

Our company has an enviable reputation of helping clients with our pest control management expertise for commercial offices. Your assurance is guaranteed by Millor Fumigation Services ’s  knowledge and experience in the commercial offices sector. We provide clients with a tailored, effective and discreet pest control solution which is appropriate for each type of commercial office. Our services will therefore protect businesses reputations with staff, clients and visitors.

Any type of pests in and around office buildings can cause distress and upset for visitors and those working in them. Pests can damage office buildings, equipment or supplies and cast doubt amongst staff members and clients over levels of hygiene. Whether in the office canteen and kitchen area, storerooms (depending on the type of goods stored), general offices or even the car park, this issue should be managed and dealt with professionally.

Staff and visitors perceptions


Staff and visitors perception of a business will be adversely affected if pests are not managed promptly and competently. In addition, for those businesses that require proactive control of pest problems, whether to comply with legislation and good practice or to meet ongoing customer expectations, our pest control contract service can help.

Your office’s construction and age


Your office’s construction and age can affect the likelihood of pests, and their location. In the modern office there are many places pests can inhabit, such as suspended ceilings, raised computer floors, catering facilities and boiler or plant rooms. Whereas in older properties it may be in the structure of the building or other hidden areas.

Free, no obligation site survey


Millor Fumigation Services your office premises a free, no obligation site survey. This allows us to inspect your pest problems and provide a recommendation that will keep your premises pest-free, while maintaining highest standards of health and safety and causing the minimum possible disruption to your daily business activities.

Our company offers a very comprehensible pest control and management service of potential problems posed by birds, insects and rodents. We ensure insect control, rodent control and exclusion, fly control, termite control, mosquito control and bird management for your offices.