Care Homes

Care and Residential homes can present a particularly challenging environment for pest control.

As Dr Stephen Battersby, states; ‘The presence of pests anywhere that people live or work has a considerable impact on their lives. This is particularly true for the more vulnerable members of the community, specifically the old, the young, the disabled and those with other health problems.’

Care and Residential Homes are very busy establishments with residents, staff and visitors. They can provide many opportunities for pests to cause problems.

Examples of infestation include: rodents, flies, cockroaches and other insects, leading to:

• Bites • Allergies • Spread of unpleasant diseases • Undue stress for all those involved
• Real damage to the property and possessions for staff, residents and visitors


These are particularly serious as many care home residents have increased susceptibility to germs and disease, spread by pests.