About Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd


Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd  is the leading pest control service provider in Zimbabwe.  The number one pest control company in Zimbabwe, and Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd. Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd  aims to set new standards for customer service having operations across 200 locations in Zimbabwe. Millor Fumigation Services Pvt Ltd  also focuses on developing industry-leading service operations through the sharing of best practices, new innovations and the use of digital technologies.


Health and Safety

Health and safety is of utmost importance for pest control. Our operations can involve the use of mechanical devices, a range of chemicals and other equipment, in many different challenging environments.

The operator is inevitably responsible for introducing something new to a situation, so at Shield Pest Control, a comprehensive Risk Assessments and Method Statement (with relevant COSHH sheets), will be submitted to our clients prior to any work commencing. We ensure all due diligence has been exercised, and all documents will be read by the relevant operator/s, to make sure full competence is maintained at all times whilst on site.

In cases if indefinite maintenance, a report book will be left permanently on site permanently with a responsible person, holding copies of all routine and additional call outs made to a specific site. All relevant telephone numbers are also listed in case of any accident or emergency.